Tank and fire-pump service

We offer service of the following elements:

  • tanks
  • pumps
  • fire-fighting pumphouses
  • sprinkler installations
  • water hose installations

We do:

  • checkups
  • inspections
  • repairs
  • maintenance

We service tanks with sealing membranes (EPDM and butyl) and tanks sealed with mastic system, e.g. Saba (without internal membranes).

We offer works in the field of repairing or exchanging roofs, membrane exchange-repair and inside-tank isolation, as well as repairing or exchanging fittings and heaters together with heater-work and water-level monitoring system.

We do checkups and we service pumps with electric and Diesel engines in sprinkler installations. We also service control cabinets of complete processing systems used for controlling fixed fire-fighting equipment.

Qualified teams do tank and pump checkups and service in the whole Poland and abroad.