Sprinkler tanks


Tank construction is located on a foundation slab made according to our directives, and anchored to the foundation with the use of anchor clamps and tie-bolts. On investor’s demand, we prepare tank foundation slab designs and foundation slabs with technological wires and flanges – according to a particular project. What stands behind the tightness of our tanks, is EPDM membrane which prefabricated by the producer and dedicated for tanks with particular dimensions. Using the membrane prevents the walls from having direct contact with water, which has crucial influence on the tank’s durability.


A standard tank consists of steel, galvanized plates of 2,5m width and 1,25m height. The thickness of sealcoat slabs depends on the size of tank, required norms and standards. The sheets are made from galvanized steel – type S350GD+Z275 or Z360.

Particular plate sheets are screwed with M12 bolts directly at a construction site. The tank’s shell is mounted to a concrete foundation with the use of galvanized angle brackets, anchor clamps and bolts. On client’s demand, there is a possibility of powder coating of the tank’s coat, or covering it with troughed sheet in a chosen RAL colour.

The roof of the tank is a self-supporting construction made from Z-type cold-rolled profiles covered with troughed sheet or, optionally, heated with “sandwich” panels.


The producer gives a 5-year warranty for the tank, a 24-month warranty for mechanical elements and a 12-month warranty for electric elements. In order to keep the warranty valid, it is necessary to do annual inspections of the tank, as well as – after 3 years of exploitation – an inspection together with interior cleaning.


  • fast mounting (approx. 7 days, depending on the tank’s capacity)
  • full equipment of all necessary unions
  • a module construction allowing for tank dimensions modification
  • high production quality
  • long-term warranty

During contract realization MILTOM provides detailed design for the purposes of obtaining erecting permit, detailed design documentation and subcontracting documentation of the tank, prepared by a licensed designer.

Our company specialises in servicing tanks in the following fields:

  • checkups
  • inspections
  • interior cleaning
  • exchange of tank isolation, membranes, roofs
  • fixing heater-work and water-level monitoring systems
  • expansion (enlargement)
  • location change