Hot water tanks

Hot water tanks are an excellent solution for energetic industry. As one of few companies in Poland, we erect on-ground steel screwed heat accumulators which accumulate thermal energy in the form of hot water.

Thanks to the appropriately selected isolation layer of the foundation, roof and coat of the tank, the accumulator protects from energy loss by accumulating heat when the need for it is lower, and giving the heat back when its consumption increases. The thickness of the isolation layer depends on client’s demands and tank’s parameters.

What stands behind the tightness of our tanks? EPDM membrane which is prefabricated by the producer and dedicated for tanks with particular dimensions. Using the membrane prevents the walls from having direct contact with water, which has crucial influence on the tank’s durability.

Heat accumulators can be used in:

  • heat and power plants
  • greenhouses
  • boiler houses
  • farms


  • lower costs of power and service
  • reduction of harmful substances emission
  • low use of cauldron-burnt fuel
  • possibility to obtain EU grants