Fire pumps

UNISTREAM and THRUSTREAM pumps were specially designed and have optimal work characteristics, reliability and high efficiency required by fire-fighting sprinkler and water hose installations.

These pumps are produced according to the highest technical standards and they meet the requirements of British and American (NFPA 20) norms, also with FM approval. The sets are mounted on a joint base, powered by electric or combustion engine (Diesel), and thanks to having full steering automatics they are ready to get connected to the object. Additionally, pumps with diesel engine are also equipped with fuel tank, engine cooling system, battery pack and silencer with exhaust pipe.

Fire pumps from SPP Pumps Limited are produced in accordance with ISO 9001 quality system. All sets are factory-tested, electrically assembled and mounted on a joint base, thanks to which the Orderer receives the whole set from one producer. Still, installation of the set is economical and space-saving. It is also possible to order fittings and accessories needed to equip fire pumps.

Our devices have both warranty and post-warranty service. The startup and pump-work parameter setup are included in the price of the whole set.


  • wide range of use in fire-fighting installations.
  • high availability of spare parts
  • produced and checked according to international norms
  • full steering automatics
  • easy maintenance
  • silent work
  • high efficiency
  • atests allowing for use in fire-fighting circumstances.