Our company is a team of people who have been active on the market for the last 25 years.

Currently, we are honoured to be partners with the biggest general contractors in Poland.

Our mission is to be an active and constructive advisor taking part in a long-term success of our Clients.

We erect tanks compliant with the following standards:

  • FM Approved - Certificate of compliance of the American Research Centre - FM Global Group
  • NFPA - of the National Fire Protection Association
  • LPCB - UK Loss Prevention Certification Board
  • VdS - of an independent research institute in Germany

A part of an interview with Chairman Zbigniew Łącki

Mr Chairman, which of the projects realized so far do you consider the most interesting, or the one that was the biggest challenge for your company?

We have realized a lot of interesting projects that I remember. However, the one that I especially remember is a project of a technical water tank, developed in 2015 in Budapest, commissioned by the American branch of Procter&Gamble.

Why did you mention that particular project?

I did it, above all, due tu an extraordinary situation that took place in that case – there were very high demands concerning the tank’s safety and hygiene. The project was unusual with additional, very high safety restrictions. It was far from solutions that are used every day.

In your opinion, what was the most crucial reason why it was Miltom that was chosen to realize that project?

Without any doubts I can say that our competition was strong, and I can almost blindly tell you that each of the companies trying to get the project definitely had a very high level of expertness. Eventually, as I believe, the prevailing factor was the efficiency of our self-organisation which we are well known for on the market and which always results in the speed of project realization.

Can you tell our readers what technical solutions you made use of in Hungary? What was the challenge about?

First, I have to point out that the project itself was, in a way unparalleled until then, individualised in terms of our client’s situation. Taking up that realization meant the necessity of creating an unusual solution for the very construction, adjusted to the local seismic zone, as well as using double sealcoat. Such solutions are not used very often. We also equipped the tank with a special leakage detection system. The construction that we made exceeds technical requirements of all European Union countries, therefore it can be used almost everywhere. But the design part is only one side of the coin. We also had to face very rigorous standards associated with international documentation, as well as commissioning.

What do you think about your team’s work in such circumstances

Currently I think it is very good. Please remember that we are talking about work on a huge international construction site. It is our third realization for that consortium. We were preparing for that project in a special way and I am happy to know that our staff are not only experts in their job and realize their tasks in an absolutely professional way, but also find their feet very well in all cases in such an international field. Also, I cannot deny that the visit to Hungary was an opportunity for us to make both interesting business contacts and nice international friendships for the whole team. To cut the story short, it confirmed the old Polish saying that a Pole and a Hungarian are like brothers.

Thank you for the conversation and I wish you further successes.

Thank you very much.