Welcome to Miltom.
We specialize in erecting and servicing sprinkler tanks,
as well as tanks for potable water.





Do you want to erect a water tank in Poland or any other place in the world?

Or maybe you are looking for the best service for an already existing object?

We offer quality and experience.

Using our knowledge that we have been gathering for 25 years, we will erect a tank that will give you:

  • peace and safety for many years
  • low annual operating costs

We will realize even the most complicated project, optimally making use of the time and your funds.

Miltom water tanks. Peace for years.

Ask our clients!


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Thanks to our unique mounting technology, we need only 3 people to erect a tank!

  • We start the erecting of a tank from the roof, using a special set of hydraulic jacks.
  • We don’t use scaffolding – you don’t need any additional permits.
  • You can erect a tank in a close proximity of other objects.
  • We take less place on construction site.
  • Faster realization, lower costs.

Our average time of erecting is from 3 to 7 days.

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